Hid, Hidden or Hiding??

A mermaid
swam to a beach,

sign board onshore read
“Reserved for fishes”
had known this sand and mist
but her ‘kind’ wasn’t on list

onlookers chose to laugh
some considerate pitied,
on this creature bereft
who had tail & scales
but wasn’t mouthing the breath.

she wrapped stole all-over,
it wasn’t enough to cover
a girl’s face & long flowing braid
“this being is cursed”, they said

a two legged walked in,
then gave a aweful glare
he couldn’t believe too
for a woman-in-fish was rare

bad karma is the reason
thought mermen in the hiding
few sea-horses,rose the voice,
snails paraded for their pride
asking to be accepted
Fish by the Fish
in their
own “water world’

© Juhi



are part of

the alphabet
the society…


© Juhi

Book Review : Kalidasa, Mani Rao

Book Review
Kalidasa for 21st Century readers
Author : Mani Rao

Disclaimer: strictly not for those who are sitting on the couch wearing the glasses of today
Wear your shoes for this time travel before you start

Author Mani Rao , who signed this lovely book for me , has put her heart and soul in writing this.Sanskrit to English translation that too transition from 6th century BC to 21st Century, a job done impeccably indeed.

Dramas and Poems are kept as is with not many references.Reader is set free to infer his/her own meanings

Meghdootam & Raghuvansham came out to be my favourite with certain Awe moments shocking my notions about the known stories and characters from Ramayana

You will have to give the book due time to jump into the waters and dive deep to discover the timeless beauty of prose and poetry

Even the name Kalidasa has its own special reference

Nature and it’s bonding with human beings , celestial nymphs, travel through air and many such imagery tools leaves one spellbound

Abhigyan Shakuntalam , again a master piece and the longest drama in this book is well put.Though in English , the longing of lovers , their togetherness and reunion is described as good as it could have been done in Sanskrit.

Those new to Indian languages might find it little tough to read few words however the pronunciation is cited in the index

  • Juhi
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